Kristi Devenyi

Kristi is a former college cheerleader, figure competitor, champion bodybuilder, and nationally-ranked powerlifter. After taking a break from training to have her two sons, she faced the biggest challenge of her athletic career – how to balance being a busy wife and mom with getting back in shape? Working with the trainers of Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance, Kristi is in the BEST shape of her life! The fast-paced, personalized classes built both her body and confidence, and now she wants to help you experience the same amazing results. Kristi is a USAKL Certified Kettlebell Lifting Instructor, as well as an internationally-ranked kettlebell sport competitor. She has achieved Candidate for Master of Sport in the 20kg long cycle and is working toward Master of Sport with the 24kg bell. It is her goal to help other people find the balance to make physical health and training, whether for competition or fun, doable with the demands of a busy life.