Mindy McHale

Mindy McHale is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified personal trainer, as well as a kettlebell and boot camp instructor. She believes that a regular exercise routine, no matter when you start or re-start, plays a huge part in living the most strong, mobile and emotionally satisfying life you can have.

Pittsburgh Kettlebell and Performance has been Mindy’s home gym since 2013. You can find her taking classes regularly at PK&P, in addition to working there. She credits PK&P’s philosophy on functional fitness and knowledgeable trainers in part with her decision to become a personal trainer.

Mindy emphasizes proper form and technique and mindfulness so clients can get the most out of every workout, and set and meet goals for increased strength, mobility and endurance. She ultimately wants clients to become more self-motivated and consistent with their fitness routines, and feel more confident in and outside of the gym.