Kids Sports Training

Kid’s Kettlebell class is a fantastic way to introduce kids to exercise and get them excited to do so in the process.  The class learns basic bodyweight exercises, and then incorporates lightweight kettlebells within a total body workout.  We make sure correct form is used from the beginning to prevent bad habits from starting.  This will hopefully carry over into other forms of exercise the kids may take part in as they get older.

Our trainer, Mike Shuck, truly enjoys working with kids because they come to class each day excited and willing to learn and work hard.  The kid’s class is often times just as intense as an adult’s class may be, just adapted to their level.  Kid’s can be seen working with battle ropes, slam balls, sandbags, the prowler, and even small tires.  He wants them to know that they are capable of working just as hard, if not harder, than their parents!  This builds a great sense of confidence and willingness to continue having the desire to exercise.  Hopefully we can slowly start transforming an ever-growing sedentary generation of kids into a one that appreciates and loves the benefits of exercise.