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June 8, 2012

Modifying Exercises for Athletes

Not all exercises are a customized fit for all athletes.  For example, a tall basketball player with long femurs may not be able to squat Olympic Style butt on heels.  The strength coach should notice this and instead of eliminating the exercise he/she should modify the exercise to fit the athlete.  The strength coach could squat the athlete as close to full depth as they can safely squat.  Another example of this  would be the snatch exercise.  It may not be necessary for an athlete who is not an Olympic lifter to do snatches with a wide grip.  Again, the coach can modify the exercise so that the athlete performs the snatch with a clean grip.  Some of the greatest measurements of human power have been recorded during barbell snatches.  There is no reason to discard this incredibly explosive exercise.  Why not modify it instead?  Sometimes a good strength coach fits his/her program to the athlete and doesn’t force the athlete into his/her program.