Our Trainers & Staff

Dr. Tony Chappie

Dr. Tony Chappie, D.C., A.T.S.C.I. Dr. Tony Chappie, D.C., (aka…”CHAPPIE”), is the founder of Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance. He is a USAKL Certified Kettlebell Instructor, has a Level 1 Certification from Onnit Academy in Unconventional Training, and has completed Level 1 of the Selective Functional Movement Assessment Program. He has a no-holds-barred approach to fitness […]
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Gina DiIorio-Chappie

Gina DiIorio-Chappie Gina is one of the owners of Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance.  You will see Gina running in and out of the gym from time to time, running from one office to the next, but always carrying her little dog FoxyBrown with her.  As well as managing Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance, she also manages […]
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Amanda O’Neil

Amanda O'Neil is a NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) Certified Personal Trainer, as well as being group certified. Amanda initially joined Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance as a client back in 2014 and embraced how unconventional the training here is! The welcoming environment was just an added bonus...
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