“PKP’s trainers are each uniquely talented. Every time I think I know what workout is coming, the trainers add something new or something I’m not anticipating. Never boring. Never…”

– Tom Durkin

“I have been working out regularly, 3 times a week, at Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance for almost 10 months now. I hadn’t worked out on a regular basis in almost 15 years, since having my two children. My reason being was I could never find the time to do so, until now. I was never overweight, so I was not looking to lose weight, but I was looking to get back into better physical shape, tone the whole body & have more energy. After just about 2 months of working out, I noticed I had more energy, and my clothes were fitting differently….hence the body shape was changing, and taking on a better physical appearance. This was something I thought I would never see again, especially at “middle age”! Even thought I am still trying to tone up some areas, I have gotten many compliments on the body shape changes. Dr. Chappie and his team of trainers, put you through continuous, vigorous workouts, and they push you beyond your personal limits, only to help you achieve your goals. I personally believe anyone will see results in no time at all if they continue on a routine schedule. The classes are never boring and did I forget to mention, the group of people you are working out with are great too! We have fun all the while we are working out. Imagine that, getting in shape and having fun doing it, all in one hour! I highly encourage anyone looking to get into shape, back into shape, or just stay in shape to try Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance.”

– Dolores G. – Greentree

“Having worked for, trained under, and been mentored by Dr. Chappie, I would recommend that anyone in the Pittsburgh area take the opportunity to work with such an amazing group.”

– David Sachs
King David Sachs, pro MMA fighter.
Former Ring Of Combat Feather weight Champion, current CombatUSA feather wieght champion.

“Working out at PK&P has completely changed my mentality about fitness, not only in terms of what it can do for me physically, but also how it’s helped me mentally in terms of pushing myself in ways I never had before and accomplishing things that I never, in a million years, would have thought I could do. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and patient and the other people in the classes are fantastic. There is such an atmosphere of support and motivation from every single person regardless of fitness level.  I went from being someone who hated working out (it was like a miserable job I couldn’t wait to get done) to hating the days that I can’t go to PK&P because they’re not open or I physically have to rest. Since coming back to the gym this past Jan on a regular basis, the results I’ve seen in my strength, endurance and core are noticeably improved, but even more important than all of that is the confidence that it’s given me to believe I can do these things. It’s totally possible to make major changes in the way you live, but it definitely takes a community of support and that’s why I love coming to Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance.”

– Rose Bonesso – Pittsburgh

“Dr. Chappie, Kindle Fisher & all the staff at PK&P have worked diligently with our rugby club to help us achieve our team’s fitness goals.  These goals include increasing overall strength, specific rugby conditioning, intensity and explosiveness. Dr. Chappie meticulously matches exercises that benefit individual parts of our game and cater to our weaknesses while still improving upon our strengths.  His approach provides a fun and supportive atmosphere where our successes can be measured in seeing large gains, including winning back-to-back National Championships. In our 2014  National Championship we were credited by the announcers as having the “fitness & finesse” to overcome our much larger opponents. I would highly recommend this training to any team or individual who is looking to see BIG CHANGES!”

– Jaime Filipek
Captain of Pittsburgh Angels

“I was an amatuer athlete for many years, and I still like to stay active and fit. I was looking a challenging workout program that would motivate me and get results. Pittsbugh Kettlebell and Performance gives me everything I need. Dr. Chappie and his staff really know what they are doing and after just a few workouts, I’ve already noticed dramatic changes in my strength, flexibility, and stamina. Whether you are looking to train for a specific sport, or just get in the best shape of your life, I highly recommend Pittsburgh Kettlebell and Performance.”

– Jon Burton
Pittsburgh Sports Media Personality/Sports Entertainer

“This gym has changed my life. I have been doing personal training with Kindle for the last 6 months and I’ve never felt better. I have lost weight, gained confidence and am more physically fit. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a kettlebell workout but found out that it’s a full body workout from toning, to core strength to cardiovascular endurance. I’m hooked!”

– Melissa Leber