About Us

Are you wondering what Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance is all about?  What you should expect from the workouts of if they will even work for you?

Our gym has an abundance of all sorts of training equipment for the most comprehensive and state of the art athletic practices, including both Combat Sports & Strength & Conditioning preparation.  And no, we are not talking about the latest line of mega expensive exercise machines that require you to have a degree in engineering, take up all the useful space, do all the work for you, limit your range of motion, destroy your intramuscular coordination or turn your workouts into a boring magazine reading routine!

Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance does not involve Cross-Trainers, Stairmasters or Rubber Coated Dumbbells that weigh less than your kit bag.  We do however use anything that you can lift, hit and/or throw to build a body and mind that is as strong and powerful as it looks.  Whether it is Russian kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine balls, pull up bars, heavy bags, Olympic barbells and bumper plates, sand bags, sledgehammers, tires, push and pull sleds, among many others, Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance is the ultimate playground for adults with some serious toys that will make each training session interesting, challenging and fun!

You will learn many different techniques & typically everyone is strong enough to complete these exercises.  Our classes and trainings have been designed to increase strength without bulk.  Our members range from professional and amateur athletes to businessmen and housewives.

We offer a wide variety of training options from groups to individual strength and conditioning.  We can accommodate all your training needs and help you reach your goals.  Let us help you RISE ABOVE!