Brenna Fabila

Brenna Fabila is a self-proclaimed movement enthusiast! Brenna’s mission is to not only help people live strong & pain-free, but also find joy in movement. Brenna’s background is in traditional weight training & grew up in gyms with a family of body builders & is marrying one as well, so needless to say, she has found her way around a barbell. Brenna is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach & she currently is completing her Certification in Corrective Exercise through NASM. Brenna also practices yoga & animal flow & in the past couple of years has been getting into more “unconventional training styles” & feels so lucky to have found a community in Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance with the same interests! If Brenna is not moving & groovin’, she is at home cuddling & watching Bravo with her sweet kitties!