Dr. Lou DeBerardinis

Dr. Lou DeBerardinis (aka…”Dr. Lou”) is a Chiropractor that earned his degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2021. He has joined the team at Greentree Chiropractic & Rehab directly out of school. Growing up, exercise has always been an outlet for Lou. Lou played organized sports through high-school, and beyond, as well as martial arts for 14 years. Initially, Lou’s gym experience was geared towards body building, but as he got back into playing sports and continued his education, he started to learn other “unconventional” methods for getting strong and fit. Becoming a member of PK&P in 2016, he began learning how to become strong in movement; training efficient motor patterns and then bringing those skills out onto the field where he played competitive rugby for 5 years and still going. Whether you are an athlete or you are looking to just be a healthier, stronger, and more capable version of yourself, PK&P is safe and does it all. In Lou’s spare time, he enjoys working out & spending time with his family, Vianca & his son, Leo, who is basically a mini-version of himself!