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Tough Mudder ImageTOUGH MUDDER, PITTSBURGH, Saturday, 8/24/13, REGISTER TODAY!

Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance is participating in the 2013 PITTSBURGH TOUGH MUDDER on Saturday, 8/24/13, at Powerline Park, 69555 Lee Road, St. Clairsville, OH 43950!  Be sure & register ASAP – register under our team “GREEN TREE KETTLEBELL“.  This is going to be a great event!  We are also having “Mud Run Trainings” every Saturday at the gym at 10:00am to prepare you for this!

Click here to register  & let’s show everyone how tough Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance really is!!

On Saturday, 8/10/13, we will be hosting a KETTLEBELL BOLT LIFTING COMPETION for the low price of $25.00!

What is the Kettlebell BOLT Competition?

In a nut shell BOLT meets are:

  • You choose which event you participate & you can compete in one or up to four events
  • 10 minute sets
  • You choose your own weight from a range of available kettlebells
  • Highest volume wins
  • You compete against other lifters of the same gender & in the same bodyweight category & age division
  • Multiple hand changes are allowed & kettlebell is allowed to be placed on the floor to rest

The events available are:

  • Double Half Snatch
  • Double Jerk
  • Snatch
  • Single Clean & Jerk (aka long cycle)

If you are interested in signing up or maybe you know someone interested in signing up, please click here to register.

We suggest you getting to the gym at 10:45am because weigh-ins will begin at precisely 11:00am on Saturday, 8/10/13.  We are excited about this event & hope you are as well!  We look forward to hearing from you!

July 14, 2013

Join us for our 1 Year Anniversary



Come for the workout and stay for the party!! Join us for our 1 Year Anniversary on Saturday, 7/27/13!  We are offering a FREE 1 Day Pass! Be sure to bring a friend or loved one that has never been to our gym!  You MUST register for one of the classes above by emailing Gina @  Please specify which free class you are interested in attending.

The events planned are as follows:

  • 4 FREE Kettlebell Classes (8:30am/9:30am/10:30am/11:30am)
  • Drawing for 1 Month of FREE Kettlebell Classes
  • New Client Membership Specials – ONE DAY ONLY
  • FREE Food & Beverages
  • Raffles & Prizes
  • & Much More!

July 13, 2013

PKP at Ruckus

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Pittsburgh Ruckus on Saturday, 7/13/13!! Our team, Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance did great!! Amazing teamwork with everyone on our team – it was wonderful how everyone pulled together & helped one another through the tough obstacles!! We are one big family! Let’s continue to train for the next one!