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On Sunday, 3/10/13, the day after our USAKL Kettlebell Level 1 Certification, we will be hosting a KETTLEBELL BOLT LIFTING COMPETITION for the LOW PRICE of $25.00!!

What is this Kettlebell Competition???
Basically a BOLT meet consists of the following:

  • You choose which event you participate & you can compete in one or up to four events.
  • 10 Minute Sets
  • Highest Volume Wins
  • You compete against other lifters of the same gender, and in the same bodyweight category & age division.;
  • Multiple hand changes are allowed & kettlebell is allowed to be placed on the floor to rest.

The events available are:

  • Double Half Snatch
  • Double Jerk
  • Snatch
  • Single Clean & Jerk (aka long cycle).

If you are interested in signing up or maybe you know someone interested in signing up, please click here to register. We suggest you getting to the gym at 8:45am because weigh-in’s will begin at precisely 9:00am on March 10!!  We are very excited about this event & hope you are as well!! We look forward to hearing from you!

Are you looking to become certified in Kettlebell Training? On Saturday, 3/9/13, Nico Rithner, owner of the Colorado Kettlebell Club & the ATSCI Organization, will be traveling in to Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance to teach the “KETTLEBELL CERTIFICATION COURSE – LEVEL 1 INSTRUCTOR”. This course is good for any personal trainers or anyone thinking of becoming a personal trainer. It is also good for the average person interested to gain a greater understanding of Kettlebell Lifting & Kettlebell Sport. If you register before 2/9/12 – early bird registration is $350.00…after that until 3/6/13, cost is $400.00 & last minute will be $450.00!! Don’t delay – REGISTER TODAY!!!

Click here to register TODAY!

We are holding a food drive to benefit Kelly Elementary School in Wilkinsburg through a program, which is called “Blessings in a Backpack”.  This unique program is designed to feed elementary children whose families qualify for the federal free and reduced price meal program and have little or no food on the weekends.  Every Friday, before these students go home, they receive their backpack filled with food.  On Monday, they bring back their empty backpacks, which then are refilled at the end of the week.  The mission of this program is to feed children on weekends, who otherwise have little or no food until they return back to school on Monday.  Ultimately, the program is designed to support the entire family, especially in a tough economy.

Last year we were able to collect enough food to feed 200 children at Johnston School for 6 weeks!  Unfortunately, due to declining enrollment and budget difficulties in Wilkinsburg, Johnston School was closed and the children were combined into Kelly School.

This program holds a special place in my heart, because my brothers and I graduated from Johnston grade school, and my mother ran the lunch program at the school for many years.  We’ve done this for the past 2 years in memory of my mother, Suzanne Chappie, who tragically passed away from cancer 2 years ago.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please bring the following types of food that are accepted through this program:

  • Juice Boxes (2 per child per weekend preferably)
  • Single Serving Cereal Boxes
  • Microwavable Individual Soup on the Go
  • Microwavable Macaroni & Cheese
  • Single Serving Pudding, Applesauce or Fruit Cups
  • Cheese or Peanut Butter Crackers (Individual Packs)
  • Granola bars
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Pop Tarts
  • Microwavable Popcorn

This is what we, Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance, are willing to do for you.  Starting on Saturday, January 19th through Saturday, February 23rd, Dr. Chappie will offer a FREE KETTLEBELL CLASS EVERY SATURDAY AT 12PM, but you must bring in 10 of the food items listed above to attend the FREE class.  This can mean 10 granola bars, 10 bags of popcorn, 10 single serving puddings, etc.  You will also be able to attend David Sachs KETTLEBELL 10AM BOOT CAMP CLASS EVERY THURSDAY between 1/17/13 and 2/28/13, but you must bring in 10 of the food items listed above to attend the FREE class.

In a nut shell, if you want to attend the FREE Saturday 12pm Kettlebell Class every week or the FREE Thursday 10am Kettlebell Boot Camp Class every week, as long as you bring in 10 food items to each class each week, it will NOT count towards your monthly membership & it will be FREE!  Also, you can BRING A FRIEND with you that has never been to our gym to try out any of these FREE classes as well!  Schedule online as you normally do & this will NOT count towards your monthly membership.  If you are planning on bringing a friend, all that we ask is you send us an email at to let us know!

AS AN ADDED BONUS, each time you bring in 10 of the above listed food items, you will also be entered into a drawing for either a FREE 1 HOUR MASSAGE OR 2 FREE ONE-ON-ONE PERSONAL TRAININGS WITH ONE OF OUR TRAINERS!  

We thank you in advance for your food donations and remember, “Hunger Doesn’t Take the Weekends Off”.



Dr. Tony P. Chappie & Gina DiIorio-Chappie