Level 1 Kettlebell Certification – Saturday, 3/9/13 – REGISTER TODAY!

January 28, 2013

Are you looking to become certified in Kettlebell Training? On Saturday, 3/9/13, Nico Rithner, owner of the Colorado Kettlebell Club & the ATSCI Organization, will be traveling in to Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance to teach the “KETTLEBELL CERTIFICATION COURSE – LEVEL 1 INSTRUCTOR”. This course is good for any personal trainers or anyone thinking of becoming a personal trainer. It is also good for the average person interested to gain a greater understanding of Kettlebell Lifting & Kettlebell Sport. If you register before 2/9/12 – early bird registration is $350.00…after that until 3/6/13, cost is $400.00 & last minute will be $450.00!! Don’t delay – REGISTER TODAY!!!

Click here to register TODAY!