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Joshuah Edwards
January 31, 2022

Joshuah Edwards

Joshuah Edwards Joshuah Edwards is a personal trainer as well as small group trainer. He has been involved in fitness as either an athlete or coach for 16 years. He has held PT certifications under ACE and NASM in the past and currently is recertified with FitTour through their “Advanced...

Dr. Lou DeBerardinis
January 31, 2022

Dr. Lou DeBerardinis

Dr. Lou DeBerardinis Dr. Lou DeBerardinis (aka…”Dr. Lou”) is a Chiropractor that earned his degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2021. He has joined the team at Greentree Chiropractic & Rehab directly out of school. Growing up, exercise has always been an outlet for...

Brenna Fabila
January 31, 2022

Brenna Fabila

Brenna Fabila Brenna Fabila is a self-proclaimed movement enthusiast! Brenna’s mission is to not only help people live strong & pain-free, but also find joy in movement. Brenna’s background is in traditional weight training & grew up in gyms with a family of body builders & is...

August 15, 2014



ALL PK&P Tshirts & Tank Tops are on “SALE” – 2 for $30.00!!!!

Tshit Tank Sale

Typically they are $20.00 each!!! You MUST purchase 2 to get this special pricing!!!

This is ONLY during the month of August!! Great Savings – don’t delay before all sizes are gone!!!!

Team PKP

Mud Run 2013

BIG NEWS! Starting Saturday, 6/14/14 through Saturday, 8/9/14, “Mud-Run Classes” with Shuck & Chappie are back on the schedule!

These classes are from 11:30 to about 12:45 & can be taken as a part of your class membership. (For example – If you have a 3x a week membership, you can do 2 Kettlebell Classes & the Mud Run Class in a week).

HEADS UP….these classes are going to be INTENSE with LOTS of running, interspersed with strength work. There will be no modifications to the training. Need to rest? Then it’s on you to catch up to the group in the workout.

Scared? Eh, be a little scared, but know this is going to be an amazing workout just for “fun” or to get you ready for mud runs this summer. It’s also a good chance to push yourself, get tough, and build camaraderie with your PK&P teammates!

June 11, 2014

KIDS classes are back for 2014

10151344_545224672261456_2631720206974451158_nPittsburgh Kettlebell and Performance’s KIDS classes are back for 2014!!!!
Kids ages 9-14 are invited to work with instructor Mike Shuck on learning training fundamentals, implementing ropes, bodyweight exercises, light kettlebells, and F U N!!!!!

Classes are Mondays and Thursdays from 11:30am-12:30pm, beginning 6/16/14 and run through 8/16/14. Cost for your child to attend is $50 a month for two times a week. Summer travel and activities keeping you busy? Then your child can attend less frequently for drop-in rate of $10 a class. The $50/month rate is a huge saving and awesome investment in your child’s health!

You MUST register for classes ahead of time for attendance & any questions/comments/concerns can be directed to Mike Shuck through, subject line “Kids Kettlebell Class.”

On Saturday, 11/16/13, we will be hosting a KETTLEBELL BOLT LIFTING COMPETITION for the low price of $25.00!


What is the Kettlebell BOLT Competition?

In a nut shell BOLT meets are:

  • You choose which event you participate & you can compete in one or up to four events
  • 10 minute sets
  • You choose your own weight from a range of available kettlebells
  • Highest volume wins
  • You compete against other lifters of the same gender & in the same bodyweight category & age division
  • Multiple hand changes are allowed & kettlebell is allowed to be placed on the floor to rest

The events available are:

  • Double Half Snatch
  • Double Jerk
  • Snatch
  • Single Clean & Jerk (aka long cycle)

If you are interested in signing up or maybe you know someone interested in signing up, please click here to register

We suggest you getting to the gym at 10:45am because weigh-ins will begin at precisely 11:00am on Saturday, 11/16/13. We are excited about this event & hope you are as well! We look forward to hearing from you!

weight_liftingMark your calendars now and get ready for Pittsburgh Kettlebell and Performance’s first STRONG MAN/WOMAN CHALLENGE!

On Saturday, 9/28/13, at precisely 10:00am, come and challenge yourself in various tests of strength and endurance! Events will include: Box Jumps, Tire Flips, Prowler Push, Prone Plank, Yoke Carry, Sandbag Run, Overhead Toss, Bear Crawl, Clean & Press & Push Ups.

Cost is $20.00 CASH per person – you MUST bring the cash to the event in order to participate – do NOT pay online. Winner from each group (men & women) take all the cash!

Schedule online NOW!!!

May 7, 2013

Congratulations Kindle & David!

CONGRATULATIONS Kindle & David!  Wishing you the happily ever after you both deserve!

Kindle Group Wedding Pic

December 4, 2012

December Holiday Special!!

Give the gift that keeps on giving –  the gift of Health, Wellness and Kettlebells!! Pittsburgh Kettlebell and Performance and Mrs. Clause, would like to offer this holiday season a deal that involves YOU and a LOVED ONE!

During the ENTIRE month of December, for any friend or family member you refer to our gym who purchases a membership, you will receive your next month’s membership at a 50% DISCOUNT…yes, that’s right, a 50% DISCOUNT!

So basically, if a friend or family member purchases one of the following Kettlebell Class Memberships: 2x/week, 3x/week, 4x/week, Unlimited Class Membership or a 10-Punch Card for 1 month, YOU will receive your next month membership at a 50% DISCOUNT!!!  Just be sure and tell us if one of your friends purchases a membership & we will adjust your account!!

The next time you come to our gym, bring your friend with you to have them try us out using one of our “7 DAY FREE KETTLEBELL CLASS – GUEST PASS” & I can guarantee you, they will love the class as much as you do!!

It was Mrs. Clause’s idea to help Santa with is winter weight!! So hurry on in & refer a friend or loved one – Christmas is right around the corner! YOU & your loved one will be thanking Mrs. Clause!  Happy Holidays & Health & Wellness to All!!