Mud-Run Classes are back on the schedule!

June 11, 2014

Team PKP

Mud Run 2013

BIG NEWS! Starting Saturday, 6/14/14 through Saturday, 8/9/14, “Mud-Run Classes” with Shuck & Chappie are back on the schedule!

These classes are from 11:30 to about 12:45 & can be taken as a part of your class membership. (For example – If you have a 3x a week membership, you can do 2 Kettlebell Classes & the Mud Run Class in a week).

HEADS UP….these classes are going to be INTENSE with LOTS of running, interspersed with strength work. There will be no modifications to the training. Need to rest? Then it’s on you to catch up to the group in the workout.

Scared? Eh, be a little scared, but know this is going to be an amazing workout just for “fun” or to get you ready for mud runs this summer. It’s also a good chance to push yourself, get tough, and build camaraderie with your PK&P teammates!